49 thoughts on “Man from the Bunk.

  1. Hi Josephine, inspired by โ€žMan from the Bunkโ€œ, I have published some remarks on โ€žDilettantismus und Professionalitรคtโ€œ on my website โ€“ and the text is dedicated to you, reverently. Perhaps thatโ€˜s a bit inappropiate, I know that I am supposed to ask beforehand whether a dedication comes convenient or not. If you hate the text, tell me, and I skip the dedication. But I sincerely hope that you will love it.

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  2. Electrifying play with allusion and illusion. Italian Renaissance meets LA meets the Maltese Falcon meets Edward Hopper (that light! everywhere and out of nowhere!). So glad that you are back, and more glorious than ever. Welcome to a new year.

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