62 thoughts on “Being and Nothingness.

  1. Because I live by the sea, which I visit every day, I can understand it: at the sight of the first waves, when the wild dogs come towards me, the murderous circle of thoughts dissolves and evaporates humbly in front of the vast nature.

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    • Hi Brian, thanks for the nice feedback! Everything’s good here as far as possible.
      I hope you’re well and healthy.
      Have a good weekend!
      Best, Josephine.

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  2. Question mark, full stop, exclamation mark. The marked contrast between photorealism and graphic abstraction leads to a wonderfully hovering balance. Balance, that’s it. The image is perfectly balanced. How do you do it? I suppose there’s the golden ratio hidden in it, somewhere, somehow. The golden ratio is also called the divine ratio. Certainly, God is watching. Adore your work.

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  3. Love the composition. So much fluidity, I love the ambiguity of what’s positive and what’s negative space.

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  4. Cool art. We are like exclamation points blown to and fro by the winds. Like being nothing. Who is Josephine? I keep meaning to ask.

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