100 thoughts on “Statements.

  1. Hello friend. Once again I would like to use your stunning work in my blog. May I use this image in a post that addresses love and renewal? I will credit you as always.


  2. Hello Josephine,

    I can see that you have a very wide audience full of complimentary comments. There must be a reason for it—your high quality photographs. Thank you for following my blog for such a long time. I feel as though you are part of my family.

    Just viwed your compositions and they reflect a high degree of creativity, dedication and of course. lots of skill. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us




    • Hi Omar….thank you so much for your lovely comment…much appreciated! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed my work – this is a wonderful feedback what gives me a lot of motivation. Thanks again, best regards, Josephine.


  3. I like how the feather sort of looks like a tornado, and with the background appears as if a night time sky to reinforce this. It all looks so quite while also containing vast movement.


    • Hi…thanks for stopping by and commenting! The inspiration for the title was the idea, that the written word (the feather) is a never ending strong weapon.

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  4. I sometimes wonder what is more interesting or thought-provoking? Your art? Or your titles? The feather that never slept… Brilliant. Viel dank JosΓ©phine. How was KΓΆln?


    • Hi Brian, thank you…KΓΆln was great. It’s always a good thing to meet friends for talking, eating and making plans. I love it! Furthermore we visited some of the museums: the Wallraf Richartz Museum, Museum Ludwig, Columba art museum, Museum fΓΌr Angewandte Kunst…. I’ve got a lot of inspirations for my work. We were also lucky with the hotel and the restaurants what is very important if one is on the way during the whole day… ;-))

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      • Sounds nice. We spent only one or two days in KΓΆln, some 30 years ago. Then I went back in the late 80’s for a few business meetings I think. You know how it is. No time to see the city… In fact I hope that one day I will be able to do what I want: spend six months in a country (e.g. Deuthschland, or Czech republik or Italy) learn/practice the language and move on… πŸ˜‰


    • Wind’s from north east, runway zero three
      I can hear the motors from here
      drawing across like an arrow
      And my ears are vibrating
      And the wet asphalt soil is quaking
      Like a haze the rain is dusting
      Till it takes off and floats
      Towards the sun….

      (Reinhard Mey)

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  5. Oh I love it! The colours, the editing, visually beautiful! And also the combination of vulnerability and strength of a feather/writing πŸ‘

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