156 Gedanken zu “September.

  1. The landscape is very pretty, but I love your use of tone and saturation–and the flock of birds to the right makes it just perfect. You are a wonderful photographer. 🙂


    • Hi Lucas, I’m delighted you enjoyed the picture! This was a photo I made during a trip through countryside. At home during postprocessing I intensified the colours and the contrasts and painted these moving clouds using different brushes in photoshop. So it’s a mixture of photography and digital painting.


  2. … daylight splendor
    earth tones liberating depths of secrets
    for us to discern
    deep and deeper secrets revealed,
    subtle vibrations of light mingle
    then bear witness to themselves … defined, set free
    for short spans of beauty
    between time and coldest night,
    alive with living clarity summer’s light
    collected … ks


  3. very nicely done! I like the colors, they are bright and cheery. Makes you feel you are with the birds as they fly. Thanks. Long distance – I live in Portland, Oregon, USA.


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