86 Gedanken zu “Flamingos.

  1. Thank you for liking „Storm Clouds“ and „Sunset Reflections.“ Fantastic photo! 🙂 It has amazing detail and great contrast and lighting. I also like that this picture looks almost like a painting.


  2. Amazing shot! The birds are beautiful like all your pictures. I’ve never seen white flamingos before. Their colour depends on what they eat. That’s why most are pink; ‚cause they eat prawns. I wonder what they eat to be white. Maybe white cauliflowers? Love this brilliant and weird picture! ;-D


    • In the wild, flamingos find food that contents carotin. In the zoo they mostly get chickenfood with no carotin, so their feathering is pale.


    • Hi…and sorry for my late answer. I had some problems with the internet this week and so I accidentally overlooked some comments. Shame on me.
      I want to thank you for your nice comment. Composition and lighting are very important things for photography and postprocessing. Not so easy…. 😉
      I’m happy you like the picture, thanks again!


  3. Thank you lemanshots for sharing. I love this photo, Your manipulation made it almost look like a painting. Totally love it. ( I don’t know the language, but I am doing good so far at guessing, 🙂 ).


  4. nice shot! I think the flamingo sort of looks evil and is laughing at us from the inside like he has a little secret…I like the wondering of a pic that make you want look …great pic!


    • While I was standing nearby the flamingo enclosure to make my photos I got the impression that these birds really are humorous and a little funky…sure they are sometimes laughing at us…;-))


  5. For me, this flamingo looks rather intimidating, and that is what makes this picture of these normally as beautiful and peaceful perceived animals so interesting.


  6. This is strange and wonderful in ways I can’t describe to my satisfaction. But one thing I can say is, I never would have imagined that a photograph of flamingos could inspire, let alone demand, introspection. Bravo, and thank you for posting it. E


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