104 Gedanken zu “Play me a Memory.

  1. Was für ein wunderschönes, stimmungsvolles Foto! Als könnte man hören, was der einsame Pianist spielt…
    Herzliche Abendgrüße von


  2. This is just excellent. I love Amy Winehouse, and that painting captures her beautifully. I imagine the pianist is playing one of her songs, and looking at her for approval. As someone else said, it has the sense of Edward Hopper, and also reflects the inner loneliness of Amy’s life.
    When a photo starts to make you imagine events in the scene, you just know you have got it right.
    Best wishes from England. Pete.


  3. I have been following your website for quite some time and agree with others that it has some of the most extraordinary shots I have ever seen. I am in Schwabisch Hall at the moment. Any chance we could meet over the next week somewhere?


  4. Great Picture. Wonderful tones that you have captured. Very difficult to separate the browns but you seem to have done here. Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Beautiful! Josephine, Amy Winehouse was one of my favourite artiste. I think you just became one of my favourite photographers.


  6. This reminds me of Hopper’s Nighthawks. Have your photos been used for album or book covers? If not, why not, they are deeply evocative.


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I don’t offer my images for commercial use because haven’t still found a good way for this.


  7. This composition is amazing. The drinks behind the bar. Amy Winehouse on the wall,
    The coated figure at the piano – even the floor tiles. Love the yellow and magenta highlights. I vote you my most favourite artist that I have seen on WordPress!


    • Hi….and thank you very much for this wonderful feedback!! Such a response to my work is so important for me…you give me a lot of motivation! Thanks again!

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  8. wonderful lighting and atmosphere, I love your style – blending photo with painting. I feel the pianist is playing to the girl in the portrait hanging on the wall.


  9. Love this, I like the way it makes you wonder that ..is he playing to nobody or is there some one to the right out of sight…or can he be looking around to see if he can pull a crowd…you can go lots of places with this ….love it. and beautifully done…as usual.


    • Hi Janette…and thank you so much! It’s so great to read your thoughts and response to my work. That’s what motivates me the most…thank you again!


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