56 thoughts on “The grand Arrival.

      • Hello Josephine!
        Did you Check it? Am i now one of your follower( sorry in case of technic i am 0000! Sorry. I do it in Instagram in your Profile but all follower Messages Are now only to use in email.!??? I think Thats new. But i am a very very big fan from you and try to do that also like that. 2 artiste(( 1. The foto 2. A picture with very. Nice colors. London is very nice and of Cors,”the railway Station”. You are the Biggest. Complimenti! Wartest Greetings. Edith. Art_Edith

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      • Hello. Thank you soooo much to look at my Little Galerie pictures. I think First you tuk the Foto in a railway Station. Then you Beginn to paint and color it with Acryl .? Isent it??? A wonderful idea.- i had Most the Same idea! From one of my Fotos i work it with Acryl colors. So you are 2 Artists. Photograph and art painters. You are very very Creativ.( me too, but i am very sick(( Final Time of my Life!! For the Strong pains the best medicine, is painting. Much More Better than ophiath medicine)). I prefere your pictures so much. It is my Style too.- i Leave for my Heart dog Benji and for painting.i Hope to See, soon More of your amazing pictures.- Greetings from switzerland!!!

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