65 thoughts on “That Spring That Year.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by! The weather will be very hot next weekend, I will stay in my garden with iced lemonade…☺️


  1. Another thought provoking display of significant colors! I imagine the map of the world up in the sky hidden somewhere, covered by the current stuff…

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  2. Interesting (a good thing). My very first impression was this was kind of idyllic. But then it took an ominous tone in my mind. That’ one of the things I like about art, in addition to being pleasing to look at, it can sometimes take your mind on a journey

    It reminded me of the films we used to see in grade school in the 1950s. Showing the effects of the atomic blasts on mock houses. After the film we would always practice the drill of getting under our desks when hearing the air raid siren. Even in grade school I don’t think any of us thought getting under the desks was going to help any. πŸ™‚

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