40 thoughts on “My dog bit me on the leg today.

  1. Very interesting artwork! πŸ™‚
    At the cost of sounding naΓ―ve, why is this picture titled my dog bit my leg today? I see three humans, the interesting part is that the faces of the 2 individuals on the side are facing the audience or the window is not clear. The center person feels like he/she is arrested. Dressed in colorful clothes, also looks like a party with balloons? Is it a window overlooking the city or a painting?
    I tried to do a narrative description of the picture but would like to know your thoughts behind making this art and the peculiar caption.

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    • Hi, thanks so much for your interest! The question which thoughts and intentions are behind making a picture is not easy to answer. While my pictures are created, personal experiences and memories flow into them. As long as I feel comfortable with it, it is the right way and I deliberately do not question this. This also applies to the caption.


  2. that i see myself as beautiful.
    which doesnt mean i dont see the frown lines, the deterioration of the flesh etc. If i seek the self i am and have always been within this skin, sometimes i see her, and sometimes i am not seeking and i see her, which is sometimes my mother. My mother the soul of love, also could stick the knife in.
    today my dog did not bite my leg. untrue. i have a leg but no dog. i have two legs and a friend gave me a small black poodle with a red ribbon, it is about 5 inches long, 4 1/2 high. thats about 20 cm long and 15 high.

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    • this is an answer to the question at the beginning. Mirror mirror on the wall, what win i if i gain the thing i seek.
      What does a man win if he gain the world but lose his soul? Women know the answer there long time – we replay the old tropes.

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