71 thoughts on “Pulse.

  1. Ich bin gerade dabei, mir sehenswerte Fotoblogs anzusehen. Hier komme ich auf jeden Fall wieder vorbei. Vielleicht darf ich dich für episoden.film und meine #fotoaktion_ifiwasatourist interessieren. Guck doch mal vorbei und mach mit. Eisig warme Grüße, Andreas


  2. Great colors! Reminds me of a fusion reactor or maybe I’ve just read too many SF-novels. Best, Alex


  3. The colours–red and yellow, the perspective, this has got to be one of my favorites of your photographs. Love it.


    • Oh yes, I’m baking and cooking , having much fun. Next week I’ll have to do a lot of sports for not to get fat!!😀
      And we got snow today here in Munich, five inches, what is great! I hope you also enjoy these days and relax a bit?

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      • Hey Miss .. Hot today, I have been out in the garden ripping things out. Gorgeous day! You sound like you have been busy .. Wow snow! Very cool .. Have fun


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