31 thoughts on “Through Thousands of Walls.

  1. I think I might have thought you were someone I had commented on the work of before, if you are not this person, I am slightly crazy… I like your work and my comment stands as is…

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  2. The variation between the photos main subject the person with the green color and the blue benches in the corner really is highlighted by your use of watercolor as a digital art form, excellent choice here. Like always, I love your style.

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  3. The contrast between the „hot“ perimeter and „cool“ exterior is striking.
    I think the figure dances because the train has finally arrived, three hours late…and even though it is packed with drunken sailors and snot-faced urchins, this person can finally return to Schenectady, where a new life as an itinerant goat herder – sorry, goat hoarder – awaits.
    I could be wrong, of course.

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  4. This is … open to interpretation? I’m not sure about the woman. Is she dancing? (the feet suggest it) Is she bound? (the hands seem to suggest it) The colours seem to root her in the foreground, not in the aery blue of the back … mhm …

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