44 thoughts on “For Light and Memory.

  1. I also see myself this way, this mountain massif, the world. Restlessness arises, I look up, thank God, the sky is blue, the light must be there, up there.
    (At the moment I am very down, thank you Josephine, for this moment of light.)

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  2. Beautiful beings these geese, they look like walking on the waters. And they are listening they are searching. They look exactly like people who hear a sound, perhaps a call, and cannot make out the direction the sound comes from. Maybe they hear the voice of GOD. SHE is everywhere, so HER voice comes from all directions, like the light in your picture. There are two red beings around, half hidden behind the hills, rising or descending, one cannot make it out. Things are about to happen, the picture is full of expectation, it’s the moment preceding an overwhelming event. What will it be? Perhaps the beautiful white animals hear a distant trumpet. The trumpet of Judgement? The arrival of a new creation? Love those questions. Questions are better than answers, far better.

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  3. Another wonderful creative surreal artwork, dear Josephine! Thanks for sharing, and I wish you a great week ahead. πŸ€—πŸ€

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