54 thoughts on “Private Launch.

  1. I am responding to this image, this idea, as the power of it really moves me. However, as I look through your images, there are so many which provoke similar feelings. I find myself returning from one image to the next and then, as with Les Battiments dans la Rue, returning yet again. Thanks! I look forward to seeing your future work.

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  2. Now he is old and soon in a dark room forever, but the memory hurts and gives hope at the same time: of a young love under a blue sky with pure clouds.
    A clear picture with a big statement, thank you very much!

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  3. A wonderfully imaginative, surreal artwork 🎨 It looks like an ambitious adventure, charting a course for open waters and blue skies. Wishing for you a splendid week ahead, Josephine! βœ¨πŸŒžπŸ€

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  4. That’s the way any journey begins, in any world. You set your playthings to work, on the golden ocean of your small table, playthings seemingly made out of paper on a table with its natural limitations, and beyond – lo and behold! – the world opens. The real world, the real creation, mind and nature and spirit and living world, who knows where this will end. All begins with launching your playthings. And look how serious that great guy is. Could be God, or you and me. Hey, he is serious, like everyone is who plays in earnest. And in the boat, there is a figure seeing things. Great things. Promising things. These promised things promising things obviously are more than a mere idea or delusion, they open themselves, they show themselves. The littler seer in the boat does not invent them, he really sees them, for we, viewing it all from the outside from a distance, we know the sky and the clouds that’s reality. That tiny detail given in this balloon, that’s reality. Josephine, that’s great stuff. Thanks so much.

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  5. dear josephine! Thank you, and thank you again for being here and letting me see your new artworks! I wish you, again, all good things for this year! as we proceed ! Thank you for being here.

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