89 thoughts on “Cliffs.

  1. Most readers (viewers) of your site seem to be English speaking people, so I try hard and persist in feigning to master that wonderful language.
    This said …
    I love that composition, „Cliffs“, and I do not come to terms with it. My first idea was, Fernand Khnopff. The Belgian symbolist, turn-of-the-century. There is that famous canvas of his, „La ville abandonnée“, you know it, of course. Mystic city, and the waters are coming, or is it a temporary resurrection, and the waters are receding?
    Khnopff‘s painting clearly is symbolistic, your work rather surrealist (I do not mean to press you into a category, I‘m just trying to understand my own impressions). But what‘s the difference?
    There is a deep underlying sadness in Knopff‘s picture. The world is full of hidden meaning, it seems to say, but perhaps all is futile, and we never will grasp this meaning. There is beauty, too. In fact the world, especially the decaying world, is full of a searing beauty. Does it mean anything?
    Your „Cliffs“ is also full of beauty, but I do not see any sadness in it. It‘s all light and joy. It seems to say, the world is full of hidden meaning, and perhaps all is futile, and we will never grasp this meaning, so what? Beauty matters, and the reality of meaning matters. The meaning of all this may be hidden from our understanding forever, but „meaning“ exists, nevertheless, and that‘s reason enough for overwhelming joy. We must not understand the underlying meaning in the world‘s existence, suffice it to know, meaning exists.
    Your works seem to be full of exuberant joy, perhaps – sometimes – wilfulness. Of course, it‘s in the eye of the spectator.
    Thanks anyway. Visiting your site is always an adventure.

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  2. Hi thanks for liking my blog. I play with photoshop for doing my book covers and trying to rescue old photos. Your work is very interesting. Congrats. Rosa

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      • Sehr cool. Ich mach grad ne Umschulung zum Mediengestalter und befasse mich seit nem Jahr mit diesen Programmen. Aber so gut bin ich noch nicht😅

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      • Jup. Ich mag es komplex. 😅 sieht man ja an meiner Website. Aber bis man alle Funktionen von Photoshop drin hat. Da steigt man bei inDesign besser durch😋

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