42 Gedanken zu “Catch the Boom.

  1. Fascinating artwork, I love that buzzy feeling in this picture, the people all bright and making a connection, the background dreary like everywhere at the moment.

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  2. Tennis meets paintball. I went to a paintball, erm, place last weekend (closed down, of course) and it looked so sad and neglected. Like a war that everyone had lost interest in. This picture isn’t like that.

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  3. I haven’t been around much recently, social distancing 🙂 I am excited to see what you’re up to in your creative work these strange days. I mostly post on Instagram, have you considered it? I’m slowly moving away from WP, the site, not the people. I’m finding it’s changing in ways with which I can’t relate.
    ‚Catch The Boom‘ is brilliant (what do you ever do that isn’t). In my eyes it combines, so perfectly, two addictions in my life. Comic books and video games.

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