62 Gedanken zu “That little bit of morning air.

  1. You are soooo amazing. This image is photorealism at its best. It seems untouched by human hand and yet…
    And the superb yet odd composition, subtle colour and shadow play all add to the depiction of humans alienated in a cityscape, pandemic or not. You even made them 2 M apart 😉

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  2. i think this Photo ? is manipulated somehow because there is an interesting diminishment of the size of the footpath as it comes to the lower left corner – when of course it should be getting wider if that is closer. Josephine , you always mess with the aspect of perspective. Exactly where are we viewing this image from. ?it is very clever this thing you do. At first sight it seems we are looking at a „normal“ scene, looking from the same perspective as the photographer – but soon we realize we are not. So where are you looking from? where am i looking from ? I love it. Consensual reality be damned. it is way too limited. well , ok lets not damn it – its doing a good job of damning itself. But may the consensual wake up in a hurry to the reality of a greater unity than can ever be perceived by everyday eyes.

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