Dear Friends,

as every year, the Christmas Season has approached much too fast.

Time flew by and a changeful year is drawing to a close.

I hope it was a good time for you and you start the next year confidently.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a successful year 2020 from my heart. May all your wishes come true!

Thanks for your kind support and feedback.

I look forward to see you again next year!


Picture designed and created by Josephine.

122 thoughts on “Horizons.

  1. Wowzers I’ve returned to Christmas in the ‚Before Times‘. How strange and wonderful. The birds are saying you can never know the shape of Change. The birds are hope, like the return of Noah’s dove.

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  2. This collage… it’s so bold~ So hopeful! The birds flocking away from winter’s touch, with a burst of light coming from the horizon~ And that woman, who I think is supposed to be you, is just watching in awe and beauty~ You’ve done a wonderful job!

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