59 thoughts on “One Day in Orange.

  1. Thank you so much for the „like“ on my post with the Crowley sketch! I really love this photo and the bright, saturated colours… almost surreal and otherworldly! 🙂

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  2. Stunning colours. My interpretation is of changes to our planet. The orange sun getting stronger and hotter and the green of how Mother Nature is still holding on in there. Just as the mother is trying to shield her child from a ( foreseeable) catastrophe. If this makes sense ? Stunning piece of work 🙂 x

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  3. Ein faszinierendes Bild, wie die Erinnerung aus einem Traum.Ich würde gerne wissen ob du bei dieser Arbeit eine Fotografie als Grundlage benutzt hast.

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    • Hi Robert, ein konkretes Bild oder Foto hatte ich nicht vor Augen- allerdings mag ich grundsätzlich Bilder mit weiten, offenen Flächen. Freut mich, wenn es dir gefällt!🙂

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  4. i get the feeling its your childhhod. or perhaps it is the feeling that is is my childhood and we are one mind for the moment I absorb your work. Colors have significance for me. I like the use of color. Ancient structures and woods speak a human and universal language of sign. There is a portal resonance.

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