35 Gedanken zu “What is, or what you can´t have?

  1. I don’t know how to „like“ a post! I’m trying to now … but rarely use this site these days ad can’t figure it out lol. Thaks for the like to my film review. Your artwork is awesome!


  2. WOW!!! Josephine! This is epic. You gifted me all the emotions at once! Really cool and interesting. What a great way to start my day! You woke my mind and heart up. Thank You and Cheers!!! 😀💖☀️

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  3. I like the title – it intrigued me – that we cannot „have “ „what is“ . Possibly it is a translation thing.. Is it kann nicht haben? or some German word more suggestive of „get“, as in achieve or comprehend. eg I get the meaning, I can get to this level.
    That which we cannot have appears to be the beauty of nature, and that which the flamingo cannot have is a place in modern human society – except as an exhibit.
    AAh how our wealthy ways of living are enabled at the expense of nature, how we worship our own human artifacts at the expense of naturally divine ones. We are divine gone wrong because of separation. – this is what i read into your art. Would you call this piece a digital collage? It is a collage that reminds me of Romare Bearden, an American artist who used disjunctive forms, parts that did not quite match, disparate sizes of the parts in one element.
    Thank you for the visit into your world.

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