120 Gedanken zu “Cat in a Landscape.

  1. cats don’t live in time
    they leap through dimensions of landscapes and flowers
    while sleeping,
    golden furred and purring
    on our laps
    exquisite piece Josephine

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    • Hi Julie, I love cats very much, even though I’ve never had one. But as far as I know, they are very interesting but also very individual beings – beautiful and capricious. I often wonder how I would cope with a cat.😅

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  2. What a beautiful and exhilarating image. The cat is so happy expressing his exuberant, springy, coiled-rope-energy, it deserves a floral tribute. Does this cat admire William Morris textiles?


  3. Something about this cat really struck a cord with me. Probably its stance and its eye are what drew me in. I think if it were sculpted in platinum it would make a fantastic hood ornament for a 1920s or 1930s luxury car.

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