72 thoughts on “Inside of the Bullet.

  1. What an amazing image, it is a real eye catcher. I found myself being drawn into the symmetry and curves. Love it πŸ’›
    Also thank you for taking time to like my post, I really appreciate that, thank you.

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  2. Inside the bullet. Inside the bullet , death is its purpose. Whether by disarming – and therefore killing the purpose presumed in another. or by actually killing.
    what purpose is inside us?
    Life at a different level. The linear time and physical space bound, material object or person, is consciousness. Do we limit our consciousness and kill it or do we realize what artists and mystics say repeatedly : i see reality and i see more. I see that each one is their own perspective and I am a symbolic perspective. I, „i“ my ego, my story – I am one perspective. striving towards that enlightened persoective in which everyone is on the same page because we do not insist on our differention, nor our interiority , but see our common ground. We all suffer either physically or mentally, death is the great release . Life is the great exuberance. It is inside death. and death is inside life.
    Once again, Lemanshots speaks my thought. That is the bonding. My interiority is my unique processing, my differentiation is that i am a different person than this artist. My bonding is human celebrating a fellow sensitive.
    Thomas Berry says our universe has three movements – differentiation, interiority and bonding. Jung focussed more on the temporo-spatial cyclic nature of earth. Universes also cycle through the same pattern of evolution, which at the material level seems only cyclic, at the universal level – is seen to be fractal, conformal, repeating with variation… aah music , varioations on a theme…
    i get rapturous
    thanks for the wind in my sail, Lemanshots.

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    • Elizabeth, once again I’m blown away by your strong writing skills and all I can say is that I’m grateful and happy for taking the time to write this wonderful comment! Josephine.


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