75 thoughts on “Time.

  1. the reason the ostrich moves to the right (but left leg up-front) towards a couch (yes, a couch!), the window with sunny sky and clouds. The number of hummingbirds, with one flying along, two against… all these elements were chosen, for a reason.

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  2. It’s like poetry in reverse. A poem offers us the words to experience the image in our mind. You offer us the image to experience the poem in our mind. It’s fascinating. Love your work!

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  3. Guten tag. Your image „Time“ for example, the sofa, birds, things with subtle tones and shadings, all of it rendered from digital tools? No paint, no brushwork at all?
    Thank you for your comment of my tree. I do trees from time to time.
    Also, Josephine is it? If you could share how you attract so many hits and followers–in addition to your remarkable work? I’m missing some vital link to get my work to others.

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  4. I always look forward to a new Unglaub. And you never fail to blow me away. But I want bigger. I want to enter your art in virtual reality, or at least screen size. And oh, the power of even one word titles. Given, it can never be taken away.
    There’s a subtle stunning dance between your images and the one word.
    Congratulations on another masterpiece Josephine…

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  5. Fantastic again. Reminds me of Talk Talk’s ‚It’s My Life‘ video.


      • It is very interesting work…I don’t know how to do digital art. I use oil paint on canvas. Yes, I’m from another time it seems…But, your digital work is out of the box, and I truly enjoy it. All the Best to you. Magdalena

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      • Hi Magdalena, thank you for your nice feedback! I really have respect for oil painting, its not easy to make but the colors are fantastic. I love to draw with pencils, especially to develop some drafts for my digital art. Have a nice time,best wishes, Josephine.


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