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  1. I’m not really an ‚art‘ person but I found your page to be most interesting! Although hardly knowledgeable I’d say you are truly talented. I really enjoyed ‚Converge‘; something about the image truly spoke to me. I’m a follower now; maybe I can develop my appreciation for this medium of expression..?

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  2. You have amazing images inside your head, and then to bring them out in the open is even more impressive. I’m afraid I’m a little more prosaic, but am in awe of artists who can do this. Great job!

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  3. Creating digital illustrations for a book, I know this was (again) not an easy paint to create. Very impressive! And as always, love how you are able to create piece which are thought provoking.

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  4. That is beautiful. Being constantly concerned with climate change , i saw it at first as waves engulfing a city, then i realised the loveliness of the human form. Ironic that it is the human – in all its beauty and complexity – that is causing the sea to rise so fast, and our numbers and isolation from nature in the cities that is destroying the beauty and complexity of nature. Humans being part of nature and our natural beauty so dominated by modernity, the fabulosity eg computers – of our mind products in a different class or area or domain than the awesome simple seeming beauty of the natural form… oh i could riff on and on about this lovely dialectic you have created, resulting in this synthesis of the work.

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