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  1. The back of nude woman’s body, possibly a mannequin, with birds and feathers replacing her hands, sunk in or attached to a base…and the structure outside the window? It appears to be a church with the rose window missing. What does all this mean? What does the visual metaphor of hands as birds (or feathers) suggest? In English there is the expression, A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush…But I am not certain that elucidates this picture any.
    „If my hands were birds…“ — wonderful line for my next poem. I remain mystified, but quite pleasantly so. Thank you!
    Also thank you for your continued support of Wagblog and my new Arteveryday365.com one.

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  2. Hallo Josephine,
    First of all, I like your paintings, they are so weird and amazing. Secondly, I love them… oh, hold on… Anyhow, I wanted to ask you, would it be alright if I used one (read a few) with my new poem/s, stories etc.? I will, of course, put a big fat caption on it with your name inside.
    Mary Matshine

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  3. Marvelous. The tower seems to have a lens of a camera inside…just love that detail. Maybe, I see something not there, but anyways. Marvelous paint again, dear Josephine. XxX

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  4. Wow, how unique and beautiful. I don’t know what digital means, perhaps why the bed does not reflect the weight of the body standing upon it?
    I just shared with Aishwarya (Eclipsed Words) about my meeting Karen in 2005, and am amazed that you’ve shared a ‚body‘ poser in this art picture. That was Karen’s job at the local University…however she would never be nude, and wore a body suit (leotard) when the class did those types of pictures. So far this has been a very enjoyable Sunday. Thank you.

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