141 thoughts on “Wanderers.

  1. I just returned from wandering long, hot Mexican beaches. Your art takes me back into the dream with grace and beauty. Gracias Josephine

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  2. Hat dies auf Folding Mirror Poetry rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Readers of the Trilogy?
    gYgPOP (greenY[ellow]greyPinkyOrangePurple) one that is, referencing The Doors‘ Riders on the Storm.
    Lovely colours and atmospheric thought-inspiring image.

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  3. Hey.. I’ve nominated you for The Mystery Blogger Award. You’ll find the rules and instructions on my latest blog named as the same. Hope to see you post soon..

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  4. Love your imaginative work, there is in my opinion a sort of subconscious arousing of hidden, mystical proportions to the viewer, at least in my case, in most of your work. 🙂

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  5. I read your painting as a young and older woman not quite knowing where they are headed, but certainly moving away from trouble (the red behind them in the horizon). The cooler colors above and below them are signs of better times – at least for now. However, there is a permanent break between the two as suggested by the shadows. The younger woman’s shadow refuses to be aligned with the older woman’s even though the light source would suggest it. Perhaps I’m off, but it was a pleasure to view and read your work.

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  6. Wow. This might be my favorite so far. One of my favorite things about surrealistic artwork is the sense of vastness and loneliness and you have captured both. If you ever make prints of this I would totally buy it!!

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  7. Ich liebte so viele Bilder 11.03.18
    Dieses ist einfach umwerfend
    Es beschreibt meine Geschichte
    Ich denke an meine Kindheit zurück
    Ich war so sicher in der Umarmung
    Ich dachte niemals daran
    Ausgeladen zu werden
    Als meine Mutter starb
    Es ist nur Erinnerung an eine andere Zeit
    Wahrscheinlich gibt es viele
    Ich habe vergessen wie akkurat meine Mutter…
    Diesen Job – Diese Arbeit – es hieß Arbeit und nicht Job
    Diese Umarmung hat es gefälligst zu geben bis zum Tod
    Diese Umarmung wird weiter gereicht
    Von der einer in die nächste Generation
    Niemand kann dieses missbrauchen
    Es sei denn wir lassen es zu

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  8. There is something imposing about this. Something that has the effect of certain pressure on the viewer. „Beautiful“ will fall short. „Powerful“ does not cover its beauty. „Beautiful“ and „powerful“ together may begin to do justice to your work. Thanks for the share.

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