60 Gedanken zu “Best Choice.

  1. we’ve just sold our red VW campervan 😢 U know it’s only a material metal object, but it has memories attached, so I’m sad to see it go in someways – so I feel that I connect to this image.

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    • I can understand you well. Our car now is eleven years old and sooner or later we have to give it away. But what great journeys we made with this car! It has a number of scratches but we love our car.

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  2. You are the best. We all know this is a new art form and we see it used brilliantly everyday and everywhere, but Jo, you are the best. I missed your work when I was away, always such a feast for eyes and soul…

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    • Hi John, thank you very much for your nice feedback, I’m delighted you still enjoyed my work! I hope you’re feeling fine and you had a great time in Mexiko. 😀

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