121 thoughts on “Paradise Experiment.

  1. What an awesome picture! The colours are so vibrant. If I could cover my house in those deep colours I would! How do you create this awesomeness?!

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  2. I thought she was facing left at first, it made me think, I like anything that makes me think. Thank you

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  3. Wonderful! This photo makes you cross the boundaries between reality and fiction in a snap. The two dominant colors fit perfectly. I could watch for hours. Anne

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    • Thank you Julie! I like that yellow too…I think it’s a good hue for this image concept. I hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend…we got snow today! 😊

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    • Hi Brian, I wish you a beautiful new year as well! The winter time is filled with some house renovations and plans for our garden, cooking experiments and meeting friends. A harsh storm moved over Germany the last few days, but here we got only the tail-end of it. I hope you’re fine, best wishes to you!

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      • Hope you will like it. I have actually started to write it. A few pages. But I have unresolved issues about the middle of the story. Technicalities really. Normally I don’t start writing until I have the full story in my head. But in this case I think I need to make an exception and see if the solution comes writing. Tschüss.

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      • There are many. The crying benches on the train. The elephant in a mirror in NY, the bridge destroyer, the unicorn in a bar… I’m actually trying to organize them in a sequence based on the story they tell me. Almost done. The sequencing and selection.

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  4. I see bird, i see fish, i see human. I see a natural and human altered environment from a time when humans lived as birds and fishes, making their nests and plying their trades… when money had not yet overreached itself and ceased being currency, becoming the object traded. And then birds, fishes and humans – a unified organism-environment that didnt know itself – began to sicken. Your picture expresses the beauty of before and perhaps also an analogy for the beauty after – when climate disruption and changing earth have released Ice and permafrost and nuclear waste, and nature has evolved new forms which can cope with the new environment, which will retain vestiges of the old.

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