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    • Thanks for your interest! Creative processes are not easy to explain, but I frequently visit museums and exhibitions what stimulates my creativity. I always have a small camera with me to capture things and situations that seem interesting to me. And when I have an idea for a picture, I immediately write it in a notebook that I always have in my pocket.


  1. I wish I could write in German to express my impressions of your art. So, English will suffice. Every one of your photographs is extraordinarily creative. It makes you look at them several times to understand the deep message behind those images with different visual weights.
    I have noticed that you visit my blog on a daily basis. This is a great honor for me and I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation. FYI, English is not my native language. I live in Panama (land of the Panama Canal) and Spanish is my native tongue. So I’ll use English as a communication bridge to reach you. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Vincent van Gogh once wrote, „I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say: he feels deeply, he feels tenderly.“ Oh my, I wish I could say it in German. But it is what it is.

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  2. It evokes an image of a time travel to me – as if the man in the background is looking back on his boyhood, looming disproportionately large in the foreground, pasted on layers of images from different periods.

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