56 thoughts on “Tame your Mind.

  1. It took me sometime to understand this picture. This is my third visit. I now see pictures in the sky! Marvelous!

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  2. C’est vraiment très fort ! Ce que j’apprécie particulièrement, Joséphine, c’est que le titre fait partie de l’oeuvre et ça, c’est la cerise sur le gâteau. Miam !

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      • The Touareg are beautiful people equinoxio21. W/ great music! (Inc. now w/ electric guitars lol). And the women have a beautiful way – my favourite – of braiding their hair.
        All desert crossing people did this at one time (men veiling – women at home not) – as it began as protection from the elements. (Bedouin in Arabia etc.). Things changed as people had more contact w/ strangers; since women don’t veil among family.
        Lol – even in the country outside Frankfurt am Main my mother’s ‚grandmother‘ (not really her actual grandmother) refused for anyone to see her hair uncovered! (1930s). Kopftuch – ne?
        I pray we all have „respect“ equinoxio21! And respect for you also. Inshaallah. xxx

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