77 thoughts on “Transfer.

  1. Hat dies auf QuasiNudum rebloggt und kommentierte:
    QuasiNudum often explores the question, „What is nakedness or nudity? What makes it partial or whole?“ This gripping piece by Josephine R. Unglaub could be asking such questions. Or are the questions not asked by the art or the artist, but inspired in the observer? In this piece, who is the observer, really? Isn’t she looking right at you, asking you something? Inviting you someplace? To transfer to another venue? The nudity here is both delicious and haunting, inviting and challenging, and simply beautiful.

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  2. Just found your blog – love the variety you have. I am new to floral photography and trying to find my feet, be creative. Haven’t looked at manipulating images yet. Cant explain, but you feel there is something in you trying to get out, but I haven’t found the key yet to unlock it.

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  3. I’ve already enjoyed „The Invisible Man“ type imagery and this shot is amazing. Oh, thanks for stopping by my blog and „liking“ one of my stories.

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  4. Hi Josephine, I love your creative works ! Each time I am so surprised. Thank you so much to be a faithful follower, I feel proud and I am moved that you appreciate mine.

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  5. Bonjour Joséphine,
    Oppression métallisée couleur sang et or. Trans fer, traverse le fer. Organisation linéaire de la disparition organique. Effrayant. Bravo

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  6. This would make an amazing book cover. Sorry I haven’t replied to your email. I haven’t forgotten but I put on a big show at the gallery and we are looking into moving.

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  7. I’ve left a comment up thread on the brilliance of your work.
    My mum is from Berlin & I have made paper collage pieces – so if it pleases you to answer – I am now wondering if you have done paper collage/photomontage & if you have been influenced by our German collage/photomontage artists Max Ernst (our grandfather of collage) & fellow Dada artist Hannah Höch & anti-Nazi political artist John Heartfield (Helmut Herzfeld) etc.
    It almost feels unnecessary to ask this – but one never knows & should never assume!
    I am placing you after them in this luminescent lineage. ‚After‘ meaning in the trajectory of linear time only & not in skill & content. Seher schön! xx

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  8. I keep going back to look at her…i so feel this is a reflection of my true emotions most of the time…no knows the battle I face with depression. They just see the well groomed , chatty woman with a big smile. But.most days, i feel a disconnect from the world.


  9. I am being a bit facetious here, but the entire scene reminds me of how mechanical, cold and hollow human beings can be sometimes. 😉

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  10. The obelisk and glowing yellow circle have something to do with this woman, or simulacrum, beaming in, or out? Hmmm, unsettling but handsome and very intriguing, great job!

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  11. nun, virtue, female, seen? unseen? scene…seen!
    construction. mouth . female. balance imbalance even uneven
    point of place distant and coming forward tracks trace
    place singularity screeen
    ula – voice tongue ung ungula
    screen, dissolving reality, i mean i SEEN, i saw , i came i conquered i none
    there is no nun.
    just black and white,
    box and circle
    hey Leman shots, your work always inspires.
    Leman le man, l’Homme
    „leman – Leman (surname)
    A Turkish name (female)
    Leman, an archaic word for a man’s unmarried (or extramarital) female lover.“
    interesting that wiki specifies „female“ lover… i knew leman described some sort of liasing person. I looked it up.
    Hey LemanShots. You are like a shot in the arm for my mind. you know something peppy.
    or like a jello shot – high proof alcohol in jello ( gelatine with sugar) – yum yum.
    in other words. i enjoy riffing on your photographs because they speak to my mind.

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    • Woww…you have a high virtuosity in poetry….very talented! Thank you so much for that great comment, I’m speechless and very impressed. Kudos!


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