79 thoughts on “Actors and Poets.

  1. Vivid colouring. Surreal projections. The world’s their stage and their stage hangs on „S“ for „sense“ but also … „sensation“. But it also brings to the fore some „P“ and „R“ words for me; like performance, perspective, perception, recognition and response. This is pretty amazing, Josephine. And this comment, perhaps, a very small token of my appreciation — which, right now, is hard to put into words.

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  2. I love the brain-picking composition and the vibrant lines and colors, Josephine!
    I think this should be displayed in an Art Museum. It could work wonders. Anyone who wants to expand their mind, go look at it. Really amazing!

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  3. Hello,
    I don’t know if you are an actress but you are definately a poet. I feel so at ease in this piece, it’s like home. Thank you. Again, it’s a dream piece for the training painter I am. I love it.

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  4. Chapeau to your beauty madam,
    trapped in your red tower.
    I raise my hat to your mystery,
    my mime is your flamenco.
    I wrote a poem to release you,
    a violin to play the blues
    and an avenue of swans
    to light you home.
    I typed an S to hold our stage
    in golden suspense
    and surreal serendipity.
    Are you the Muse?

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  5. The ants-eye viewpoint common to the photographic elements creates a stage-like space appropriate to the figures, placing them on a ‚pedestal‘ where they appear in their artistic glory, acknowledging applause. I enjoy the way that you combine this compelling realism with the transparency of the graphic elements which enframe and embellish these figures in a manner similar to the way they are given celebrity. Great to see the graphic and photographic working so well together. I’m curious; are the figures sourced or are they photographed by you?

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  6. I can’t take my eyes off of this one. I found myself zooming in on every elements you put into this creation. Love it!

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  7. Although I love all your images, this one is exceptional in composition and layout and how all the elements relate to each other in space. Very impressive!

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