75 Gedanken zu “Bad Victories.

  1. I’ve heard that since the 50’s, I think, many western cities have been discharging sewage sludge into nearby waters as filtered, processed and compressed pellets, pucks, cakes or balls that hold their shape for decades if undisturbed. I can’t verify this but this art seems to be protesting the method as though it’s a reality.
    Very interesting.

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  2. Can art make a political statement without becoming ugly propaganda? I believe you have just proved that it can, thank you for your beautiful integrity Josephine…

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  3. Hello Josephine,
    I love your pictures. Once again, we’re free to understand or not even try. Who is the buste? A plain founding father of someone with other relevance?

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  4. I see oil, i see destruction such as is released by natural forces that get out of control – man made bombs wreak havoc just as man enhanced hurricanes… i see the classical virtues being almost washed away… the burning city might just be being burnished by a setting sun There is so much of the peace of nature in the sunset and the waters… which will remain even when all our constructions have turned to dust. The mind which can see this is the eternal mind, currently in human form aware of itself – we can control what we do and what we contribute to. It is the struggle of this time. Thank you for a photo image which says so much to me, i feel the eternal mind is being expressed in your art work and the way it makes me feel. That self expression which is as sad as ruin is also as peaceful and accepting as the calm surface of water.

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    • Hi Elizabeth, what a thoughtful comment. I like your in-depth interpretation, you really have a distinct power of observation. That’s great! Thanks so much! Best, Josephine.


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