134 Gedanken zu “In a Cage.

  1. Digital art truly is an art form and you’re very good at it – a genre I’ve never really gotten into but appreciate.
    Threatened to on occasion but made the same threats about video and so far they’ve amounted to little more than idle threats.

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  2. I’ve said it before and will say it again, you are a master of your chosen medium. If Dali had had access to digital technology he would have been inspired by your work.

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  3. Hallo Joséphine. really love your art and creativity.
    An apology for neglecting my planned story. Unexpected events.
    I do hope to get to it this year though.
    I hope the summer has been enjoyable so far?

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  4. This is another wonderful creation, a treat visually at first glance, and after studying it more closely. I would believe it, if you told us you have discovered a direct feed from people’s dream life.
    I do think artists have tremendous power, which comes with responsibility — have you considered that some gene-splicing scientist may be inspired to create walking bananas?
    I have a difficult time as it is, crossing the kitchen with a full bowl of cereal, and if I have to chase down the banana, the milk will slosh out.

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  5. I like it. We are all in a cage. I think this to the caged birds, the lonely dogs howling inside houses. We humans who could be as free as birds, allow ourselves to be shackled by mind forged manacles, and cannot see how to get free. The lad in the picture, delightfully ambiguous. My mind asks a hundred questions, paints a hundred scenarios as to what is going on…

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  6. I’ve followed your work for a while and am constantly amazed by your creative endeavors and how your imagination brings about each composition. „In a Cage“ is my favorite thus far.

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