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  1. Although I went to art college, I find it a real challenge to work like you do Josephine. The Image is always too insistent for me to treat it like a collage, though I would love to work more creatively. You must have a large library of images. Do you get an idea, then go and take the photos, or do you collect specific pictures until one sparks your imagination?
    Best wishes, John.

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    • Hi John, I use both ways – sometimes I have an idea and then provide the photo material I need to realize the idea. But I also collect pictures and some of them are a long time in my folders and suddenly I get an idea for one of these pictures during a walk in the woods. Inspiration comes from anywhere in the world. In my opinion, it is very important to keep the creativity running. Like a engine, that needs petrol and oil to run every day. What I mean is to do something what your inner child likes whenever the opportunity arises, with highest priority. For me this is drawing or making splash with watercolors on paper. I often get ideas when I´m cooking. Or very early in the morning. I have paper in every room of our house and I notice every idea that comes in my mind, even if it seems totally irrelevant or foolish. When I leave the house I always have some paper and a pencil in my handbag. I am open for every occasion to get new inspiration and I love to break the rules. I think it is essential to know the rules for a good image composition, but it is also important to be ready for breaking rules and leave conventions to realize an idea.
      I hope I could help you,
      Best greetings from Munich!

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