135 thoughts on “In a Cage.

  1. Hat dies auf QuasiNudum rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Random first impressions of an observer, regardless of anything intended by the artist (of which we know nothing, and have not asked): The man is escaping into, and taking refuge in the old abandoned house through one window that is not boarded up, a place that has also granted refuge to birds. The birds are surprised at his arrival, but curious and not unwelcoming. He is consoling the nearest bird, assuring it he means no harm. He is naked because he has run here suddenly, without notice, without time to dress, and this is the way he typically dresses at home. His black-and-white appearance emphasizes by contrast the colorful character of his refuge, where, after lingering a while, he will become colorful, too. Rather, he will regain the color he has at home, after he warms up from the chill of his harried escape. The character of this refuge is not in mere color, but in condition, an old, abandoned place with a sense of history, nostalgia, warmth and seclusion. Padding naked through the house will be a mildly exciting exploration for him, and take his mind off his naked vulnerability and pursuers. The man is young, possibly a teenager. His skin-tight shorts enhance and sharpen the impact of his nudity. He is beautiful in every visible respect, including movement. As to the fork-legged banana-bird and it’s seeming deceased companion: does not fit my story, but then what kind of story would it be if everything always fit? Life never allows that, why should art? Thank you, Ms. Unglaub, for this intriguing use of nudity, for the fascinating design and beauty of this piece, and for the fun of playing with whimsical notions about it. It does not need any interpretation at all. It is just a delight to look at.
    Visitors, what do you see in this picture?

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  2. Wow😮 your work is incredible! I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting my post! Im glad you discovered me, so that I could discover your beautiful art! Ta!

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  3. Okay, now that’s really awesome! Imaginative visual! Thanks for sharing your art. Really beautiful and interesting pieces. 🙂

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  4. Although I went to art college, I find it a real challenge to work like you do Josephine. The Image is always too insistent for me to treat it like a collage, though I would love to work more creatively. You must have a large library of images. Do you get an idea, then go and take the photos, or do you collect specific pictures until one sparks your imagination?
    Best wishes, John.

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    • Hi John, I use both ways – sometimes I have an idea and then provide the photo material I need to realize the idea. But I also collect pictures and some of them are a long time in my folders and suddenly I get an idea for one of these pictures during a walk in the woods. Inspiration comes from anywhere in the world. In my opinion, it is very important to keep the creativity running. Like a engine, that needs petrol and oil to run every day. What I mean is to do something what your inner child likes whenever the opportunity arises, with highest priority. For me this is drawing or making splash with watercolors on paper. I often get ideas when I´m cooking. Or very early in the morning. I have paper in every room of our house and I notice every idea that comes in my mind, even if it seems totally irrelevant or foolish. When I leave the house I always have some paper and a pencil in my handbag. I am open for every occasion to get new inspiration and I love to break the rules. I think it is essential to know the rules for a good image composition, but it is also important to be ready for breaking rules and leave conventions to realize an idea.
      I hope I could help you,
      Best greetings from Munich!

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