95 thoughts on “The Cloud Tellers.

  1. I love the surrealness (is that a word?) of this picture and I think it’s really thought-provoking. Also, thank you so much for liking one of our blog posts! 🙂

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  2. What is this (apart from excellent)? How did you do this?! I mean, I struggled to juxtapose Selena Gomez and Talking Heads album covers a few minutes ago and was quite pleased with the (humble) results. But this! Words fail me!!


      • Shucks…thanks! Hope its not too warm there for you. We have a bit of respite at the moment – although my family in Seattle are baking.

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      • It is really a hot summer but we have lot of storms and heavy rain in the night what has a cooling effect. It’s okay. 😊

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      • Good to hear. Cool at night is a godsend for sleeping. My physician just visited Germany a few months ago and said it was scorching hot there – to her surprise – I never pictured Germany as getting so hot. Perhaps some of this is global warming or is this the norm for you? It didn’t seem to effect the quality or output for your work – which is as excellent as ever! – Douglas

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  3. Your compositions grow richer and richer.
    This latest ran my mind immediately to the National Gallery in Washington where your illustrious compatriot, Sigmar Polke, left there a marvellous painting: Hope is: Wanting to Pull Clouds, 1992.
    I could not attach it here. You may know it.
    So glad to know your work. Keeps me going on these dark American days.
    Sarah Abraham

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    • Hi Sarah…thanks so much for your nice feedback! I really feel honoured that my pictures could brighten up your days. Don’t let yourself down. Take care.

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  4. Excellent composition. I’m not an art expert, but my message from it is this: man fights and pushes against nature, but nature always wins, effortlessly.

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  5. Reminds me of 1970’s progressive rock album covers! It’s the type of art I find myself drawn into – I could sit staring at it for a long time and feel relaxed afterwards. Very nice 🙂

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  6. I really love this. It is my favourite of all that I have seen that you have created. Everything is just right, balance, harmony, subjects, colours & composition. Simply brilliant 😀😀😀

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