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      • Yes, Hamburg was a extremely serious incident…we are stunned and speechless. The object is, can we be sure that this tragedy won’t be repeated?

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      • Unfortunately, it will be repeated. A knife or a lorry are so easy to get. And there are hundreds of sickos in Europe who have been welcomed and yet hate us, the way we live, the freedom of our women, etc. And between traffics and drugs, entire areas of our cities are lawless. Which of course gives arguments to the far right, which, of course again is not the solution. Anyway. Enough ranting. By now it is 8:26PM in Germany I hope you had a lovely Sunday. Tschüss.

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  1. I do so enjoy your creative mind. So many levels of perception and wonder here: the incongruity of subjects, colour landscape and b/w fencers, stability of house and mountains and movement of fencers, and I love the house roof built from landscape….

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