58 thoughts on “Phone Walker.

  1. That has to be the most symmetrical headless horse – man I’ve ever seen!
    Very thought provoking, as all your work is ! πŸ™‚

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  2. You always compose your pictures so perfectly and always with that touch of ‚lemanshots‘ magic. Sometimes you add an edge of dread or nightmare, as in Phone Walker. I am inspired by everything you make. Do you know Alex Colville, Canadian painter?

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    • Yes, I know his “Church and Horse” and love it so much…his compositions are absolutely perfect. Alex Colville was such a great artist!

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  3. The Surrealist movement presents a buffet to me. Culturally I can’t get into it as often (especially with Dali and his pursuit of celebrity) it merely appears to be Weird for Weird sake. That said, certain works y other artists bridge the gap between us.
    That bridge is best represented in this style with your Phone Walker, where moments of realities pass through each other, without conflict, seemingly unaware of their own existence or their affect on the observer.

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