52 Gedanken zu “Mis à Rhapsodie.

  1. Hello Josephine,
    Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog the other day and for your like !
    Of course I was snooping around on your page again and this photo really „spoke“ to me !
    Used to not like black and whites but a friend of mine does platinum prints and since then I really appreciate the art in them !
    maybe you’ve heard of him Jens Knigge (http://www.jens-knigge.com/?page=picture&id=15&pictureindex=0)
    Anyhow……..Keep on doing what you do…..so we all can enjoy !!
    Have a wonderful day and take care !
    Cheers from Nova Scotia

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    • Hi Carolyn…and yes, flamingos have a very special charme. I love to watch them at the zoo – so beautiful with their various shades of pink…continuous quacking… :-))

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