164 Gedanken zu “Coexistence.

  1. I love this!
    Love the way it shows/implies the interconnection between trees, birds, rhinos.
    An anatomy of symbiosis.

    Seek peace,



  2. I like it. It made me think of Vince the white rhino at Thoiry’s safari park in France, shot to death for his horn. In France. That is when I learned that there are many robberies in European zoos. And that a south-american monkey can be worth 10,000 euros on the black market. I prefer a rhino that turns into butterflies. Thank you for the art.


  3. I like how I looked at the image in front, not realizing what exactly it was until my eyes were drawn to the rhino in the back. And like magic, it clicked! Your art is magic!


    • Hi…and thank you, I’m glad you like my work! I have no website for selling my pictures because there’s not enough time to care for it. If you want to have a print, just send me a email which size and quality and I can do it for you. We have some really good print shops here in Munich. 🙂

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  4. What if . . . the inspiration/salvation we have been searching for in the religions has nothing to do with humans and everything to do with non-human animals and/or forgetting the specious distinctions?


  5. This is gorgeous: the deconstruction / reconstruction of the rhino into other life forms. So much better than destroying them for their horns. I love the planted front feet and the little birds fluttering away.


    • What happens to these animals is indescribable cruel…not even in the zoo they are safe from these unscrupulous people. Thank you Roger for your kind feedback to my picture.

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      • Your thoughtful, committed art work merits positive feedback. I will try to visit regularly. I also love the golden highlights in the street scene. In the urban maze, the human needs to be spotlighted. Thank you.


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