102 Gedanken zu “Golden Light.

  1. Hello,
    I like the comic strip sensation I got, scrolling down the picture. Then the feeling that you’re standing behind one of the windows reflected here or there…somewhere, closer to the rainbow.

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  2. reminds me to my manhattan days. lovely work as ever. always nice to visit here and by the way thank you for your visits to Pdlyon’s Explorations. cheers

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  3. Shivers, dystopian curiosity, the figure, a poet, languid recites. There is a world of stories, harsh, aluminium tales. This image must be huge!



    • Hi James….thanks for your interest – and yes, sure it is time consuming. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It depends on the complexity of the image concept.


  4. The photo makes me think of so many things I would write a short story about it. It’s wonderful. That sky, the color of the buildings and the bright woman on the left. The crowded streets and then the JC Penny…lots of food for thought.


  5. Ah, a delightful surprise on ‚the road taken‘ (this week’s WPC). Nice 🙂 . I’m tempted to link to you as my entry (but no worries, I won’t). Cheers!


      • Thank you, Josephine. I did manage to find something to photograph for the challenge (it is even ‚art‘ – sort of) although not with the same kind of ’story‘ yours has 🙂 .


  6. Epic! I’m excited to see another one of your wonderfully ethereal compositions. You had mentioned in the past the sophisticated brush painting technique used in other works. I love this processing and composition!


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