57 Gedanken zu “Lysistrata.

  1. love the digital brush in the lower-left corner — nice color and shape…. the image concept is, overall, provocative as well; it immediately conjures a thousand images (notions) of what objective reality is (relative to the observer, of course)…. i can appreciate both the artistic technique and conceptual treatment of the space…. griffith

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  2. I think we all are aware of how art imitates reality, or reality imitates art. I find this especially true in still images. It’s a snapshot of a moment, existing somewhere between the firm visceral sense of the tangible, and an abstract idea that is the essences of artistic expression. This image made me think of all that. Great Job!
    Sorry For English

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  3. hi Josephine,
    I am always amazed by your imaginative images and one of my favorites is Kitchen Cabinet. It is thought provoking in its simplicity and I thought to comment at last but cannot find it. I hope you have a lovely day, a lovely week. 🙂

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    • Thank you, I discovered collages some years ago and I’m still fascinated by the wide range of challenges that collages bring to me. A great thing for my vivid imagination… 😉

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