77 Gedanken zu “Birth of a Thought.

  1. Very good as usual, Joséphine. 🙂 It may actually open up new areas into the story. I am a bit stuck I confess. Not enough time on my hands, too much red tape to deal with ultimately. (Plus the -near-loss of many of my photo archives which is driving me crazy) But the story will find its way. Tschüss. B.

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    • Hi Brian…so sorry about the loss of many of your photo archives! I can well understand – I had a complete hard drive crash last summer, don’t ask me why. So I had to give it to a company to restore my files because these files are very important for my work. It was successful but expensive…. Have a great weekend ahead! I will stay inside, we have about minus 10 degrees celsius. Best, Josephine.

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