53 thoughts on “Backlight.

  1. I rarely comment, but have watched your work for a long time with amazement and wonder. You are one of the most creative people that I’ve come across. Being a great technician is never enough…….you build a narrative into you images that places them in the world of fable and mystery……..I would love to get to peer into your head so I can begin to discover how the chemistry works.
    Felicitations for 2017 and keep up the inspirations.


    • Hi John…so nice to see you here…and what a lovely and motivating feedback, thank you so much!! I wish you all the best for 2017 in everything you set yourself to accomplish! Take care, Josephine.

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  2. Young family walking from the light into a dark unknown in the spiritual. Just my perception. Thought provoking about Europe, perhaps? A great presentation. I am impressed by the digital cobblestones That look like music sheets from far but I can’t figure out yet what it could mean. The two cyclists appear young too.


  3. What a terrific find! I love your work and I thank you for liking my post, which led me to find your art, It prompts you to question assumptions at many levels.


  4. That is a great capture. Wonderful composition.
    Even the cobblestones add to the overall feel.
    This needs to be printed, matted and framed. Large!


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