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    • Hi Miriam…thanks for your interest! That picture is a photo-composing for what I merged several photo scenes to create a image that tells it’s own story. For my work I use photoshop and lightroom.

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  1. Cherry blossoms. Impressive. Now, how on Earth am I going to combine that with an elephant in Chicago or Manhattan? I’m looking at your pictures every other day. It is quite a challenge. 🙂 I like that.


  2. Reblogged this on Live…Love…Share!!! and commented:
    I was compelled to share Cherry Blossoms as my Picture of The Day. This work of art by Lemanshots is very intriguing. There is so much to ponder when you study this photo. I find Lemanshots to be very creative and very talented!!!


  3. I don’t think I’ll ever comprehend how these images form in your minds, I’m so pleased they do as they bring a skip to my heartbeat every time i explore them, which is long and often!!


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