64 thoughts on “Uptown Cabinet.

  1. …and these images
    become corridors
    where i wander
    with amazement
    thru the canyons

    …and i only leave
    because i know
    which door behind
    i will find them


  2. Stunning image. I can just about straighten my photographs with Photoshop. Question, if you don’t mind – how much of the final image is planned in advance, and how much grows organically during the production?


    • Hi Andy…thanks for your interest, it’s different from image to image. Sometimes when I get a idea I make a drawing before step into photoshop, then take much time to work out different scenes, elements and colors. Sometimes I have a idea for a picture in my mind for one or two weeks and then I work it out in photoshop in a very short time. And sometimes I find a old draft of a picture in my files and add a new element or color and that’s it. For me it’s a never ending process.


  3. Interesting addition of the brick walls jigsaw. Beautifully puzzling.


  4. the cosmopolitan contained and controlled; the stonework suggests otherwise.
    but what does the seagull say???


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