76 Gedanken zu “On Air.

  1. Wonderful artwork, I really like the way you executed the scene, and I love the subtle messages of light woven through the piece.


    • The picture visuals some kind of decay in a personal environment and the realisation that everything in life is just temporary and how people deal with the end of their dreams….


  2. Bravo! The existential and the literal elegantly presented. Salvador Dali would be envious. Thank you for sharing your creation.


  3. Your work is extremely impressive. It reminds me of the work of the Mir Studio of Bergen, Norway. They create art portraying unbuilt architecture (such as a lone skyscraper in the swiss alps). I believe if you ever get the chance, you may find a career with them to be rewarding (especially as they are located in the EEA and Schengen):


    Your blog is without doubt one of the most excellent in existence.


  4. could you tell me a little bit about your process & what inspires these wonderful, surreal creations? they are difficult to turn away from they are so bold, intriguing, peculiar, uncomfortable, so many adjectives.

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    • Thanks for your interest! Inspiration comes on different ways. I like going to museums and admire oil paintings of the Old Masters and get inspired by the deep colors. The biggest inspiration comes when I’m drawing. I like to draw with pencils or fineliner. The subject and the quality of the drawing is not important, it can be just my coffee cup or a flower. But drawing stimulates creative thought processes.


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