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  1. May I use this wonderful image for my Valentine’s Day post on Literary Life? I truly appreciate your generosity. I have credited you by name but if you also would like for me to include a few sentences about yourself and your blog, just let me know.


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      • Hichcock films are unbeatable. Furthermore I’ve just watched some films of Orson Welles: ‚The Magnificent Ambersons‘ (1942) and ‚The Stranger‘ (1946). Especially ‚The Stranger‘ is a really good film with heart-stopping scenes.

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      • I’ve not seen „The Stranger“ yet, and not always a total film noir fan, but — that will be a great idea for this winter, when I’m home–get the DVD’s and have a Welles film festival.

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      • Wonderful idea! Film noir – do you know „Elevator to the Gallow“ with Miles Davies and Jeanne Moreau? A french film noir, 1958. Highly recommandable. For people having strong nerves…. 😉

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      • I will add „Elevator“ to my film festival, thank you. My grandfather has talked a lot about one of his cousins, Syd Boehm, (I never met him, he died a few years before I was born) who was scriptwriter for „The Big Heat“ (Fritz Lang) , „Violent Saturday“ (kind of pulp), etc. „Heat“ is pretty good.

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