102 Gedanken zu “Space Extension.

  1. Such a wonderful sense of movement in the woman walking, the bird flying, and they could both be heading toward the rolling clouds like they’ll meet somewhere in the middle. Wonderful!

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  2. Reminded me of Tippi Hedren in Hitchcock’s the birds. With a blackfriars breakfast! Je rejoins „Mamie en cavale“: Superbe!
    Eine gutte woche…
    (Spelling is ok?)


  3. Another amazing pic guys. The wilderness that isn’t really when you look. The storm pending but is it just hiding something more sinister? Curious use of a heron, is it the alter ego of the business woman? Is she just leaving the theatre or trying to ignore it? Oh what a tangled web can be woven if you have the capacity. Dx

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  4. Disappearing vegetation? This woman’s purposeful stride suggests that she would not allow something as insignificant as an explosion at the local herbicide factory, or Krakatoa’s eruption, to interfere with her breakfast plans.

    In any case, an absolutely wonderful dreamscape.

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