62 thoughts on “Summer Strip.

  1. If the lady from the fairy tale „Frau Holle“ does not pay attention, the laundry flies away from her. These are the winter times without snow.

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  2. There is nothing not to like about your amazing work, had to pick a favourite though, and ‘Summer Strip’ is very reminiscent of a summer trip or 2 of mine, thanks for invoking some fond memories.

    Thanks for following my blog too. Take care,



    • Hi Mick…and thank you for stopping by! I’m really delighted you enjoyed my work, thanks for your kind feedback. Have a beautiful week ahead! Josephine.


  3. Summer time, when the living is easy…
    Nice shot again, JosΓ©phine. Now that I am back, I need to concentrate on your photos to see if inspiration comes. TschΓΌss. brian


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