86 thoughts on “Where is my Mind

  1. I love the direction your photos are going. They seem to be constructing a journey. I need to get back home qnd look at the last few ones. Hope all is well? Hugs form Paris.


  2. Love this! I was talking to someone today about a painting they want me to make of a flight of ducks over a lake with a Perrigin falcon stooping to catch one, I can’t believe that your magnificent image has popped into my inbox just after! I will not make as good a job as this I know. Wonderful as ever. D.

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    • A flight of ducks – I really love such kind of nature scenes. Yesterday we could watch a group of ducks flighing over our house…making loudly attention to their flight…. ;-)) They come from the canal at the Nymphenburg Palace not far from here. Sure your painting will be wonderful! May I take a look at it? These days I’m drawing a lot. I really love it because I can do it everywhere, in a coffee shop or in the train, just a sketch block and pen….πŸ™‚

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  3. Wow! It is a really wonderful and creative picture. Fantastic work!

    On Sunday, August 14, 2016, lemanshots – Fine Pictures and Digital Art wrote:

    > lemanshots posted: “” >


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